My good friend Paul 107 just released a book on my work. Here’s more info about it :

Turfizm: The Selected works of Jean “Turf One” Labourdette b/w The Sun Shines In: A few days in the studio with Jean Labourdette
(Paul Labonté and/or Paul 107, The Secondhand Projects, 2010)

In this handheld photo-essay featuring some of the imaginative creations of Turf One, Paul 107 presents a brief portrait of the artist in a collection of beautiful, full color photographs. Turfizm: The Selected works of Jean “Turf One” Labourdette, focuses on some of the intricate so-called “pop surrealist” works that reflect Turf’s acute attention to character detail, and an almost playful fascination with life and death. The Sun Shines In: A few days in the studio with Jean Labourdette, is a study of his creative process, offering a quiet look into the studio environment where most of these elaborate works are created over time.
Since moving to Montreal from Paris in 2001, Jean “Turf One” Labourdette has become a quietly revered, internationally known talent, evolving from his grafitti-based roots into a skillful and dedicated multidisciplinary artist, currently concentrating on painting. This book is one of the many collaborations between Turf and writer/ photgrapher Paul Labonte and/or Paul 107, steeped in mutual respect and real friendship.

Available at www.desfois.com
Printed in an edition of 1000 by The Secondhand Projects
The SecondHand Projects (est. 2002) is a small run book publishing company based in Montréal, Quebec. It is run by Paul Labonté and Conor Virtue. The company’s focus is small run books, and other miscellaneous print projects.