• “Mors Et Anima”, two person show with Ryan Matthew Cohn, Roq La Rue Gallery , Seattle (November)
  • Roq La Rue 25th Anniversary Show, Roq La Rue Gallery , Seattle (May)


  •  Small works 2022, Beinart Gallery, Brunswick VIC, Australia (June)
  • MicroVisions 5, WOWXWOW (online exhibition) (May)
  • Wild Mystics, Roq LaRue Gallery, Seattle, USA (May)


  • Sketch, De L’Esquisse au Graffiti | 30 ans d’Histoire Du Graffiti, curated by Taxie Gallery, Fluctuart, Paris, France (Oct 2021 to March 2022)
  • Exhibition at Taxie Gallery, Paris, France (April)


  • “Hey! présente”, 3 person show with Handiedan and Titine Leu, Halle St Pierre Museum, Paris, France (October)


  • “Ace of Spades, Queen of Diamonds”, group show, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, USA (August)
  • “Theatrum Mundi”, solo exhibition, UBISOFT, Montréal, Canada (June until August)
  • “Creatures auction”,Bassenge Auktionen, Berlin, Germany (May)
  • “HEY! Modern Art and Pop Culture part 4”, Halle St-Pierre Museum, Paris, France (March until September)


  • The 13th Hour, Last Rites Gallery, NYC, USA (October)
  • Hey! Gallery Show #2, Arts Factory, Paris, France (October)
  • Opinel Series, curated by Art by Friends, Opinel Museum, St Jean de Maurienne, France (June)
  • Memento Mori auction, Bassenge Auktionen, Berlin, Germany (May)
  • MicroVisions, WOWXWOW, Online exhibition (April)


  • Reliquaries, collective exhibition with the works of Mike Davis, Shawn Barber, Peter Ferguson, El Gato Chimney, Dan Witz and Jean Labourdette curated by Jean Labourdette, BeinArt Gallery, Brunswick VIC, Australia (December)
  • Flourish, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, Arizona, USA (May)
  • La Belle Peinture, SpaceJunk Art Center, Bayonne, France (April)
  • HEY ! GALLERY SHOW#1, Galerie Arts Factory, Paris 11ème (March)


  • SCOPE Miami Beach 2016, with Thinkspace Gallery, Miami (December)
  • Small Works 2016, BeinArt Gallery, Brunswick VIC, Australia (September)
  • The New Vanguard, Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH), CA (August)
  • Vitality and Verve, Long Beach Art Museum, CA (July)
  • Grand opening, Galerie Matthew Namour, Montréal (June)
  • Et Après, Artgang, Montréal (June)
  • Scope New York 2016, with Thinkspace Gallery, NYC (March)
  • BeinArt Surreal Art Show, Copro Gallery, Los Angeles (February)


  • Scope Miami Beach 2015, “Juxtapoz Presents”, with Thinkspace Gallery, Miami (December)
  • Rally, curated by artist Jon Todd, Yves Laroche Gallery and Hermann & Audrey,12 Ossington, Toronto (October)
  • Art Toronto with Yves Laroche Gallery (Canada’s international contemporary and modern art fair), Toronto (October)
  • Troïka, 3-person show with Shawn Barber and Mike Davis, Yves Laroche Gallery (in collaboration with Art Tattoo Montreal) curated by Jean Labourdette, Montréal (September)
  • More Than a Cone (fundraiser benefiting animals in need), The Autry, Los Angeles (September)
  • Moleskine Project IV, Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco (April)


  • Égrégore, group show at Yves Laroche Gallery, Montréal, Canada (October)
  • “The 13th Hour”, group show, Last Rites Gallery, NYC, USA (October)
  • “De Anima”, collaborative solo show with Martin Wittfooth, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, USA (May)
  • “The LA Art Show 2014” with Roq La Rue Gallery, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA (January)


  • “Troublesome Houses, an exhibition inspired by the music of Will Oldham”, PUBLIC gallery, Louisville, USA (November)
  • “Travis Louie and Turf One’s Tiny Theater of the Absurd”, SF Gallery, Albuquerque, USA (September)
  • “Otherworld”, group show invitational, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, USA (June)
  • “HEY! Modern Art and Pop Culture part 2”, Halle St-Pierre Museum, Paris, France (January 2013 until August 2013)


    • Anomalies, Group show curated by Jon Beinart, Copro Gallery, LA, US (October)
    • Turfizm, VIP pop-up solo exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Montreal Tattoo
      Convention, TattooMania, Montréal, Canada (September)
    • George Hearts Maria, Group show curated by Lori Zimmer, Helium Cowboy, Hamburg,
      Germany (September)
    • Taboo, group exhibition curated by Jon Beinart, Last Rites Gallery, NYC, USA



  • Dark Water, group exhibition curated by Martin Wittfooth, Copro Gallery, LA
  • “HEY! Modern Art and Pop Culture”, exhibition at the Halle St Pierre Museum, Paris,
    France (September 2011 until March 2012)
  • BeinArt Collective group show “Dystopia”, Copro Gallery, L.A, USA (March)
  • INLE, group show based on Richard Adam’s book : Watershipdown, curated by
    Greg Simkins. Gallery 1988, L.A, USA (March)


    • The Rising, solo show, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC, USA (December)
    • 13 group show, Tattoo Mania, Montréal (August)
    • Paper 10 Art Fair with Galerie d’art Yves Laroche, Montréal, Canada (April)
    • New Brow 3, group show, The Alternative Café, Seaside, USA (April)
    • Two person show and live-painting with AlexOne at the Halle St-Pierre Museum in
      Paris for the launch of the first issue of French Art publication “Hey!”, Paris, France



    • Pulse Miami Art Fair with Yves Laroche Gallery, Miami (December)
    • There s Still Life, group show curated by Mauger Modern Art Gallery, Scope Miami
      Art Fair, Miami (December)
    • Shining Darkness,Solo show, Thinkspace Gallery, L.A USA (November)
    • Toronto International Art Fair with Yves Laroche Gallery, Toronto Canada (October)
    • Two person show with Shawn Barber, Yves Laroche Gallery, Montreal Canada
    • Beach Blanket Bingo – a Summer Mixer, group show, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC

USA (August)


  • Vanguard Art Fair, Miami USA (December)
  • Blood Royale, group show, Yves Laroche Gallery, Montreal Canada (September)
  • Whaleless, group show at True Hate gallery, La Rochelle, France (September)


  • Turf One’s Pathetic Theater, Solo show, Fuse gallery, N.Y.C USA (November)
  • Sweet Calaveras, Yves Laroche gallery, Montréal Canada (October)
  • Art of Sole, group show sponsored by Vans, Antikulture gallery, Miami USA(October)


  • Les Enfants Terribles, Kopshop, Montréal Canada (December)
  • Last Rites, group show hosted by VICE magazine, The Chapel art gallery in
    Vancouver and Bates & Dodds Funeral Home in Toronto, Canada (October)
  • We Paint, Kopshop, Montréal Canada (August)
  • Street Camp, skate board art group show, Yves Laroche / L’Autre Galerie, Montréal
    Canada (June)
  • Rugged Art, exhibition of hand made limited edition art rugs at the International
    Conference Furniture Fair, Jacob K Javits Conference Center, N.Y.C USA (May)
  • Exhibition at Yves Laroche / L’Autre Galerie, Montréal Canada (since November .05).


  • Exhibition at the Kyoto convention, Montreal Canada (December).
  • Labyrinth, Onsix Gallery, San Francisco USA (September).
  • Junk, Fireflanz Gallery, Albany, N.Y. USA (August).
  • Certifié Non-Conforme, Agora gallery, Montréal Canada (January).


  • Mischief, Misanthropy Gallery, Vancouver Canada (September).
  • The Garden of Ease, Montréal Canada (May).


  • Hold-Up Mental, Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT), Montréal Canada
  • All Souled Out, Alena Mtl, Montréal Canada (June).


  • Faking The Funk, VAV Gallery, Montréal Canada (November).
  • The Day Graffiti Died (solo show), Noize, Montréal Canada (June).
  • Up North Trip, SAT, Montréal Canada (April).


  • Hip-Hop Don’t Stop, N.Y.C Queens USA (May).
  • Live painting & mural project at the Phun Phactory, N.Y.C Queens USA (May).


  • TW Crew groupshow, Web Bar, Paris France (March).


  • Exhibition on Hip-Hop & Urban Culture, Centre National d’Art et de Culture
    Georges Pompidou (BPI), Paris France (June/july).


  • Le Bazaar Dez’ Arts , Paris France (May).