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I don’t often ask for help, but if you’ve wanted to support one of my projects, this is the one !


Montréal’s mayor Denis Coderre and Quebec Premier Couillard are trying to pass a Breed Specific Legislation both in Montréal and in all of Québec. This comes at a time when such unfair and discriminatory legislations have been scientifically proven ineffective. This also means the useless death of thousands of good innocent dogs. More and more, cities and countries around the world are repealing breed specific legislation (BSL), including the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. And in the United States, more than 20 states prohibit municipalities on their territory from adopting certain forms of BSL. Why? Because BSL has proven to be expensive, unenforceable, and, most importantly, ineffective in reducing the number or severity of dogs bites…

The Montreal SPCA is taking action to fight off such an absurd legislation and prevent it from coming into place in Montreal and Quebec and to propose instead a very effective and fair BREED-NEUTRAL DANGEROUS DOG LEGISLATION.

I decided to contribute and support the SPCA and fight off BSL through Art. I am collaborating with Artgang Montreal to release a series of T-Shirts that are available as of today. All benefits will be donated to the SPCA.
I am also releasing a super limited art print (series of 10), available August 1st. All benefits will donated to the SPCA as well…

So, probably for the first time ever, I am asking you guys for your support, not for me, but for all these innocent great dogs out there and their families… They need us and they deserve justice.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and a million wagging tails your way.

Jean Labourdette


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